Health and wellness

We offer a variety of health insurance options so you can choose a plan that best meets your lifestyle. You'll have access to a national network of doctors that provides comprehensive coverage when you need it most. While you’re onsite in San Francisco, take advantage of our wellness program to stay balanced and healthy. And come to work hungry—our nutrition programs add a little something special to daily life at Nantes.

Taking time off

At Nantes, we have an unlimited vacation policy that allows you to get the rest and relaxation you need to refresh. If you’re welcoming a little one, our paid maternal and paternal leave offers four months of leave at full pay.

Learning and development

At Nantes, you can customize your career trajectory through our development programs. Our orientation program, Nantes One, will set you up for success in your new job. Our company-wide quarterly Hack Week is an unstructured week to build something you believe should exist in the world. Additionally, each Nantes has the option to participate in a variety of peer-to-peer learning opportunities, such as Watercolor, Terrarium, and iOS classes.

Employee experience

Life at Nantes wouldn’t be the same without movie nights, Nantes Games, our annual Holiday Party, and Bring Your Kids to Work Day. These are a few ways that we like to celebrate and bond over common interests.


Software Engineer – Front End
Software Engineer – Back End
iOS Developer
Android Developer

VFX and 3D

Senior Environment Artist
Production Engineer
Shader TD
Senior FX TD’S